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Painted, Printed Skateboard Decks

I made a series of three skateboards for the Type One ‘Supernatural’ exhibition at The Book Club, Shoreditch, East London

These are based on native UK animals and plant life, and the myths and stories that have evolved around them. The Fox, The Hare and the Crow alongside nettles, oak leaves, birch branches and of course the universal elements of earth, air, fire and water.

These are all available to purchase in my online store alongside some other artworks from this exhibition.

The theme of the event was Nature Taking Over Human Spaces and for this I also created a large mural in the same space using spray paint, acrylic paint and posca markers

To create the skateboard I first mixed acrylic paints with pouring medium to create the backgrounds. I then made Lino-cuts of the creatures and plants and printed directly onto the acrylic poured backgrounds, before sealing with varnish.

If you’d like to commission one it’s around £150 - £250 so shoot me an email at

You can also view more of my past skateboard creations on my Behance

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