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3D Halloween Mural

I've created a new mural in collaboration with Dark Delicacy for our new collective 51N Collective, which is made up of creatives from the warehouse community where we live and work.

This was a really fun piece to paint for our community, as there were many parties happening this weekend and the spot that we chose to create in was at the centre of them all for everyone to enjoy throughout the night.

We also tried out something new with this mural - by using an app called Artivive to create animations in 3D space around the wall itself. If you're in the area, download the free app and hold it up to the wall to see our spooky additions! If you can't make it here in person, you view a video here to experience it yourself 👻

Thanks for looking! If you'd like to help support our collective by donating some money to paint more murals in our community click here to buy us a can of spray paint from my donations page

To see more of our projects click here to visit our Behance or follow us on IG @51n_collective

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