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New Lino Printed Canvas

Available now from

I'm so happy with this first attempt at creating my classic BODIES pattern as a lino print onto chunky canvas. I used a gorgeous blue that sits somewhere between Navy and Azure depending on its opaqueness - which is determined by many factors such as ink coverage, printing pressure, etc.

The variation in hues adds to the message of the pattern itself which is all about diversity, exploration, celebration and acceptance of our differences.

"It’s acceptance of our pleasures and our failings and our flesh 

It’s not guilt, it’s not fear, it’s the feeling in your chest

It's the beating of your breast

it’s some wild howl; it’s some Earthly growl

I can feel it now

In every one of you"

This original canvas is available now from my online store and is the first piece I've ever created using a Lino cut version of these bodies onto a canvas with no background.

I will soon be developing a full collection that will be exhibited at several galleries around London but there will a few test pieces like this one available for a fraction of the gallery prices so keep checking back if you want grab one.

This much smaller Lino cut print onto acrylic-poured background on canvas is the only other canvas Lino print test that I have done so far - it is currently being exhibited at The Book Club in Shoreditch but is also available to purchase from my online shop

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