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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Many people will know already that I live in a warehouse community in North London. Known to those of us who live and work here as simply The Manor, yet widely acknowledged as the Harringay Warehouse District, we have forged our own way of life amongst the abandoned and derelict buildings of warehouses throughout the N15 and N4 postcodes.

It is a hotbed of chaos. Exciting, dramatic, explosive - even traumatic at times. We often get through life by the skin of our teeth and there are many of us with mental health problems, neurodivergence, housing issues, addictions and scars from our pasts.

Yet through our community we find ways to create, to come together, to throw parties and events and exhibitions, to gather for food and music and to dance and to paint.

We call this outsider living and our community is one of the only places in London that this is still possible. For many of us, there is no other way we could survive.

These spaces are where I found myself as an artist and as a person. Where I truly honed my spray painting and mural making skills. Where I found people who both challenge and accept me. Where I reformed myself and put myself back together after completely falling apart. And where I am so happy and fortunate to call my home. And from this home I am so excited to now be part of a new collective that has formed - bringing together artists, makers, djs, performers, fashion designers, VFX and digital artworks, event planners, and curators.

Watch this space for more coming soon - or visit our webpage or Instagram to find out more!

To explore more of my personal projects visit my Behance page or check out my BMAC

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