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New Mural at Rapsa London

I recently had the pleasure of painting a commissioned mural at the incredible Filipino fusion restaurant, Rapsa in Hoxton.

Inspired by the lush green landscapes of the Philippines, I created this piece using acrylic paints, brushes and rollers, and posca markers.

The wall was made of gorgeous soft stone that was smooth and a joy to paint on! But it was also very porous and absorbed my paint quickly - which meant applying a lot of layers to get those lovely blocks of solid colour.

When it was finished, the wall maintained a wonderful matte effect, which I decided not to cover with a varnish as it was so nice!

Included in the mural are a mixture of styles, with influences from flash tattoo illustration, pop art, Japanese block printing and paleolithic cave art. There are also a number of creatures included within the piece - some mythical and some very real (like the cute Tarsier on the bamboo sticks)

It was so much fun to work on this piece - not least of all because of the delicious food they generously fed me every day and the expertly crafted mocha’s that definitely kept me going through some long hours.

Thanks so much to Rapsa for this commission, for giving me a lot of freedom to be creative and for allowing me to include my signature non binary characters amongst the nature!

If you’d like to see this piece in real life, and grab some yummy food whilst you’re there, head down to Rapsa at 100 Hoxton Street, London N1 6SG

If you’d like to commission me to paint something beautiful for your home, venue or anywhere else, shoot me an email to

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