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New Articles for LGBTQ WELLNESS.CO

I’ve been hard at work writing and researching for LGBTQ Wellness.Co

You might have already checked out my article on Gender Dysphoria - I had so many wonderful comments and responses from people saying that it helped them to understand, or to explain to others in their lives, what this means and how it feels.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, comment and respond to it!

Photography by Jordan Theo Carter @jordancshots

I’ve been writing in some form or another since I was 4 years old - with my first poem Paper Sun published in the Cadburys Seventh Book of Children Poetry, 1988!

But I haven’t felt very connived writing in a long time, largely because I wasn’t yet living my authentic life and so I was struggling to decide where to lay my pen.

I’ve been exploring spoken word and verbal performance for the past decade and am finding this a wonderful outlet - but most paid written jobs or copywriting jobs that I have done in the past year or two have not been particularly satisfying and have ultimately felt like just going through the motions and speaking inauthentically to reflect the brand or organisation.

However, as I’ve been on my journey of acceptance and self discovery over the last

5 - 10 years, I have begun once again to find my writer’s voice - and - that I also now have things I want to explore and to discuss!

James at LGBTQ Wellness has been wonderful in fostering my growth as a writer in these areas, and facilitating my needs as a neurodivergent worker along the way.

I’m moving house, finishing a huge 6 month project (unit M space) and going through the process of unravelling my recently diagnosed ADHD, OCD and CPTSD - so I’m not exactly my most ‘settled’ self at the moment.

But ultimately I feel like my life is moving forward and my personal growth is real. In short - I’m doing the work and it’s hard and it’s scary - but it is paying off.

Photography by Jordan Theo Carter @jordancshots

On top of all this, it’s PRIDE month, transphobic rhetoric is rising in the media AND irl, human rights for both lgbtqia+ people and straight cis women are being stripped in the west, and there’s the ongoing narrative of global elite politics and

the minor fact that the earth itself is about to curl up and die beneath us.

So as I’m sure you all can relate to - things have been……a lot.

But in the midst of all this, I find myself finally growing into myself and coming to terms with the trail of chaos that appears to have been my very exciting, but also very stressful, life so far.

Part of this growth has involved facing my intersex-ness and learning to love myself and present myself to others authentically and boldly. How best to do this, how not to do this. How to protect myself whilst doing this and what role I can play in the inevitable movement that forms as more of us ‘come out’ and begin to call for change in how we’re treated.

I talk more about this in my recent article on intersex pride so if you’re interested then please do click the link and take a look. I’d really love to know that these words are getting out into the world and I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, and your own stories too.

Leading on from this, I’ve also written articles exploring gender and the meaning of trans - both of which are also areas that I have had to explore on my own path to realising my identity as a trans, intersex, nonbinary individual.

Photography by Jordan Theo Carter @jordancshots


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